Catholicism and the Common Good

There is intellectual power and moral wisdom in Catholicism. Catholic ideas and ideals can make a difference in the kind of lives we lead and the kind of communities we fashion. They can help us understand complex problems. They can help us address those problems. Catholic ideas and ideals call us out of private concern for what is good for me and mine. They call us to imagine a society that is good for everyone, a truly common good.

Catholicism and the Common Good is a multi-year project that fosters original scholarship on issues that are vital to our mutual wellbeing, forges collaborative networks across public and private stakeholders, and imagines the future of Catholic higher education. The project is hosted by the Center for Catholic Faith and Culture at Duquesne University, and generously supported by the Henry Luce Foundation.


Our Mission

Connecting scholars, religious leaders, and the public to work together for the common good. We uplift Catholic ideals to inform fresh scholarship to address contemporary social problems and to develop new practices in higher education.